Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get out your magnifying glasses

Here is one of the albums recorded by the Sharrett Brothers. You can still buy their albums by going to

Here is another album with an e-mail story of a long lost Sharrett Brothers fan who finally got his album! Read on ....

Our thanks to for the following:

[Update - February 25, 2002] Today I reached the end of a search that has taken literally years to find the Ultimate Holy Grail of my collection, some albums I was missing by the gospel group The Sharrett Brothers. I posted a message on the Classifieds section of A Decade Of Jesus Music: 1969-79 back in September 2001 looking for anything but their self-titled LP. I figured this was a long shot, but nevertheless I'd give it a try. A few days ago I was contacted by someone who had read my message on that board. He said that he had extra copies (!) of the albums I was seeking and wanted to know if I still needed them. Of course, I said yes. After making payment arrangements, I received those albums today.
Now, I'm fully aware that most people reading this don't know who the Sharrett Brothers are and might not care if you did. You have to admit though that you can appreciate what it took for me to find these recordings and just how happy I am to have done so.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remember the Sharretts?

This blog is for the pupose of sharing stories and pictures of the travels and adventures of The Sharretts. Three Brothers from Bristol, Virginia. Fred, Ed and Bobby.

Their sound was a mix of The Lettermen and The Beach Boys. From Washington to Florida they would travel by bus and fill auditoriums and churches. Their hearts were to share the truth of the gospel through song and so many lives were touched and changed through their efforts.

FYI: Fred & Ed also traveled with Truth.

Please send us your stories and pictures and we will post them here. We will be scanning some album covers in the near future.

And if you want to buy any of their products contact them by writing Gateway Church 3108 Burnette Rd Suwanee, GA 30024. 770.271.7165

Call for church service times and be there in person to hear the great harmony of The Sharretts! (Also Fred will be preaching.) No early bird tickets available at this time.